#TY0MmMwYWQy Here’s what really happened to Alexander Skarsgard’s penis on 💖 [84 FILES :: 721 MB]

March 27, 2017 at 10:42 AM HBO’s miniseries “Big Little Lies” has fans hooked on the murder mystery. But in the second-to-last episode, which aired last night, a greater puzzle arose over the. “Either Alexander Skarsgard has the biggest dick on earth or they used a rubber hose of some sort on Big Little Lies tonight.” Nicole Kidman as Celeste in the latest episode of Big Little Lies. Picture: HBO. Alexander Skarsgard, who stars as Perry, left viewers wondering whether he used a prosthetic penis for his latest sex scene. Picture: HBO Meantime, Kidman says the violent scenes on Big Little Lies took a toll on her physically and emotionally. Since Monday international viewers have been abuzz about Skarsgård’s penis stealing the spotlight, and on Wednesday night at 21:30 in Big Little Lies, DStv subscribers from South Africa to. On last night’s episode of HBO’s “ Big Little Lies ,” watchers simultaneously rejoiced — and winced — when Celeste (Nicole Kidman) hit her abusive husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgard) with a. M-Net is unleashing Alexander Skarsgård’s penis in the penultimate episode of Big Little Lies . (WARNING: This article contains nudity). A racy scene in the States' latest episode of Big Little Lies left fans all aflutter as they tried to decipher whether they'd just seen Alexander Skarsgard's real penis.